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Newborn "Lifter" Pillow Patterns


These pillows were created when I became tired of using whatever I could find to give my newborn clients an extra lift under the face, elbow or bottom. I wanted to have something that was my "go to" specifically to lift body parts. Now you can create your own lifter pillows too at a fraction of the cost it would be for me to make them for you.

The small head pillow fits under the hand and face to lift the face up and more square to your camera, the elbow/arm/head pillow goes under the elbow so that it doesn't sink into the pillow and disappear and the bottom lifter wedge pillow gets tucked under the newborn's bottom and knee to give that extra lift.

This product is a zip file and downloadable to your desktop.

If I can make these pillows ANYBODY can make these pillows.

Due to the nature of this product, no refunds, exchanges or credits will be give.

Please check your "Spam" folder after you place your order to find our email as they often end up there. If you do not receive your product within 30 minutes, please contact us directly at